Here some music projects I have been working for,
for listening some snippets go to Cable Mastering.




Paul Lytton (Pleasure Of The Text Records, Puzzlemusic)

Gernot Tutner + Elisabet Schimana (nocords)

Dusty (Intoxik)

Tidy Kid (Dogsbody)

Pierre Pascual (Madame Visage rec.)

Näd Mika (Madame Visage rec.)

Chose Chaton (Diskolala rec.)

Favela Gold (KingFi Entertainment)

El Rakkas (Luv)

Onkel Tuca (Luv)

Her Royal Deepness (Luv)

Firnwald (Laridae)

Mars (luv, heya hifi)

Bitz & Puschmann (Houseverbot)

Simon/off (Plainaudio)

Winterstrand (Laridae)

Monique Fessl (Tongut)

Liquid Rotz (Moonbootz)

Kabelton (Houseverbot)

New Rave Massacre (Dogsbody)