a1 - taj mahal
a2 - ring my bell
b1 - clown (BASTEROID rmx)
b2 - clown

Label: houseverbot recordings
Catalogue: hvb02
Release Date: 2007
12" Vinyl Dist.: possible music berlin



"Haha said the clown" yes he said.
The clown ep done by Kabelton, is a real masterpiece. This three tracks and certainly the remix version of "Clown" by BASTEROID prove that dance music mustn't be a brainless conglomerate of beats and sounds.

Kicking off with "Taj Mahal" a bad bad track with a driving and pumping beat flavoured with fine electronica sounds wipes the floor with style and intelligence. Roughness paired with intelligent producing. "ring my bell" is the next one a. A dark track which could be named a IDM track with a Techno attitude. Really hard to classify but wonderful and bewitching. Call it what you like, this track owns a very special sound that bewitches and scares the listener at the same time.

The b side is the home of the "clown", first you can listen to BASTEROID's bone breaking remix a wild version with a dirty sound. With the feet at the dancefloor and the head in the sky this track will make your day… A killer version but without destroying the fragile atmosphere of the original. Yes the original version represents the genius of Kabelton again. A track with so many fragments, dark but danceable. Crazy and still serious. Experimental Techno, what a groundshaking track.

Kabelton is painting music like crazy and I really hope this talented producer will release an album soon!

Unclassifiable, a walk at the border of genres, fascinating and 100% appoveable!

(review cuemix-magazine)